Destination NameDepictionLocation
Provincial Capitol BuildingA 1927 old Spanish designed building that features towering columns on its façade and stairs leading to the main entrance.Capitol Compound, Bangbangalon, Boac
Bathala CavesSaid to be a mystical and repository of psychic power. Has seven caves within complex but only four are presently been explored and reached.Barangay Ipil, Sta. Cruz
Tres             Reyes IslandsServes as a favorite haunt with delightful picnic grounds and dive spots in the province are the islets of Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar. The islet Gaspar has a short stretch of coral beach with clear blue-green waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.Off the coast of the town of Gasan
Malbog Sulfur SpringA therapeutic and natural healing water at the base of the inactive Mt. Malindig.Barangay Malbog, Buenavista
Paadjao FallsA series of cascading waters that settles into a 15-foot fall; hunt for nature-formed bathtubs downstream and Jacuzzi like effect.Sitio Paadjao, Barangay Bokbok, Mogpog
Polo10 foot sandy white beach cliffs line the coastOff the coast of Sta. Cruz
ManiwayaPowdery white sand beach that could be rival of the Boracay Island
MongpongFamous for the Ungab Rock Formation
Palad SandbarAn additional attraction in between the 3 islets that can be enjoyed for swimming, snorkeling, and photoshoot during low tide.
Natangco IsletAn eight hectare islet with a short stretch of powdery white sand that gradually slopes into the sea. Marine enthusiasts and scuba divers will find Natangco islet a haven with waters teeming with corals and marine life.Northwestern tip of Marinduque, Off Balanacan Pier, Mogpog
Costa CelinaFlanked by cliffs on both sides best spot for diving. A 40 meter span from shore is an undersea wall rich in marine flora and fauna.Sitio Talisay, Barangay Bonliw, Torrijos
Kawa Kawa FallsA cascading water falls that looks like a giant frying pan, “kawa”Bangcuangan, Sta. Cruz
Amoingon CoastCoastal  area  with  abundant  marine  flora  and  fauna, colorful butterfly fishes, bobbing clownfish, lionfish, melo- sized seashells and other varieties of marine specie.Barangay Amoingon, Boac
Mainit Hot SpringsFree-flowing springs that chum out the therapeutic warm waters.Barangay Mainit, Boac
Duyay CaveRegarded as more enthralling than Bathala Cave, with huge interior that is filled with stalactite formations.Barangay Duyay, Boac
Norada FallsA series of gently cascading water falls culminating in a 10 foot deep pool of crystal clear water.Sitio Paadjao, Barangay Bokbok, Mogpog
Kabugsakan Falls Barangay Tugos, Boac
Ginaras Falls100  meter  falls  with  six  adjacent  waterfalls  in  the mountainous area of Barangay DuyaySitio Banhigan, Barangay Duyay, Boac
Mt. MalindigDominating the skyline south of Marinduque. An inactive volcano,half covered with dense forest where moss forest, giant trees and wild orchids can be found. Excellent place for trekking, camping and bird watching.Border line of the towns of Buenavista and Torrijos
Salomague IslandHalf a kilometer long white beach litthered with crushed corals. Best dive spot in Marinduque.Off the coast of Sta. Cruz
Talamban CavesTwo separate caves located about 100 meters from each other.Barangay Balagasan, Duyay, Boac
Balanacan     Deck ViewA panoramic view of the Balanacan Cove, the islets of Natangco, San Andres, Sta. Agpisan and Hidalgo. Ideal for scuba diving and snorkelingBarangay Balanacan, Mogpog
Tarug CavesThree chambered caves in limestone formation that rises steeply to more than 900 feet from the ground with 3 square meters pinnacle.Barangay Tarug, Sta. Cruz
Poctoy         White BeachA stretch of fine-white sand beach with picnic huts and cottages and a view of the Mt. MalindigBarangay Poctoy, Torrijos