Social Justice and Protection

Aids to Individual Crisis per Source of Fund (January to December 2020)

Aids to Individual Crisis per Municipality (January to December 2020)

Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic and the devastating typhoons that hit the province in the last quarter of the year 2020, relief operations have been implemented.

COVID 19 Provincial Relief Operation And Distribution Program

Nutrition Development Program

Pandemic greatly affects the implementation of province’s nutrition programs and activities, yet, the Provincial Government pursue its Good Nutrition programs for strong immune system to fight infectious diseases in line with DOH protocols. The following programs were conducted by the PGM thru PNO:


Dietary Supplementation to Indigent Pregnant Program
Maternal milk and egg were given to 300 indigent pregnant women for 30 days, a carry-over activity from the remaining supplies of 2019. A nutrition education programs was also conducted to target both the physical and behavioral development of mothers. A monthly monitoring was being done supported with nutrition education for a more positive maternal and infant health outcome. As result, most of the recipients increased in weights for these periods

Dietary Supplementation to Underweights and Severely Underweights Infants and Children
Full cream milk, egg and a complementary foods like marinaya mix, oats, lugao with flavored chocolate, pandan, etc. to 486 underweight and 58 severely underweight pre-school children found malnourished thru the Operation Timbang Result last March 2020 which was timely and advantage to the families with underweight children in the course of lockdown. Likewise, provision of ready to use food (RUSF) from the Department of Health was so helpful for these children.
Monthly monitoring in the weights were done up to the end of
December. Results revealed that there was an increase in weights
and nutritional status of children.

Maternal Nutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding Program
Feeding advocacy thru Lecture on “Sabayang Pagpapasuso” activity August 10-14, 2020 at the 25 barangays in Gasan 150 lactating mothers.

Barangay Nutrition Scholar Capacity Building
BNS Convention on National Nutrition Survey Result facilitated by DOST-FNRI, refresher course for the 112 BNS, 60 Infant and Young Child Feeding focal persons and 61 MNIYCF.

Nutrition Education/Cooking Demo
Conducted Nutrition Education and cooking demonstration to 150 lactating mothers. It aims to brings nutri-information on the importance of having good nutrition from March 3, 2020 to October 30, 2020

Provision of Nutri-bun to Selected Grade I-V Pupils
The budget was coming from the Provincial Council of Children amounting to ₱ 100,000.00, started on November 23, 2020 to December 4, 2020. BNS of per barangays were tasked to the distribution of Nutri-bun to the 502 malnourished children due to constraints of face to face feeding.

Food Service (Nutribite-Canteen)
The canteen offers nutritious daily menus for a healthy diet for the PGM Employees

Other activities of the PNO are; providing technical assistance to the nutrition officers, maintenance and operation of the Marinduque Provincial Food Processing Hub wherein foods such as Marinaya Nutrimix, Champorado, Choco Oats and Milky Oats Nutribun, Malunggay Donut, Squash mamon, Flavored Pandesal (Ube, Pandan, Squash and Chocolate) and other products such as Malunggay and Squash Canton and Shing –Aling, Calamansi juice, Camote tops and Lemon grass juice, Cucumber juice, Carrots Juice, Blueternate Juice and Soy Milk are being produced.

Disease Prevention and Intervention

Infectious Disease Control Program

Part of the Implementation of the infectious disease control program are the following;  continuous advocacy on the prevention of STD HIV/AIDS  for the 164 senior high school students in public schools and 360 uniformed/PNP  staffs, students youth and drivers; Provision of technical assistance to TB-DOTS facilities, TB drugs for adult and children as well as logistics for the TB Laboratories; Provision of TA to ABTC and Anti-Rabies Vaccine to certified ABTC; and provision of leprosy drugs to health facilities  with ongoing Leprosy treatment.

Provincial Epidemiology and Surveillance statistics on Infectious Diseases

COVID-19 Surveillance Measles Surveillance  
Total No. of Suspect Case450Total Number of Measles Cases8
Total No. of Probable Cases17Suspect8
Cases Total No.  of Confirmed Cases188Confirmed0
Total No.  of specimen tested1,824Other Notifiable diseases
Dengue SurveillanceHFMD 
Total Number of Dengue Cases450Acute Viral Hepatitis:4
Probable188Acute Bloody Diarrhea1
Confirmed1,824Non-neonatal tetanus2

Fights Against Covid 19
Onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic on the onset of 2020, the Provincial Government implemented the strict compliance to the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) in the entire province of Marinduque. The Provincial Government together with the six municipalities and frontlines courageously fulfilled their mandate to fight against prevalence of the disease in the entire province from March 15, 2020.

Headed by the Provincial Health Officer, a COVID-19 task force was established. It is composed of the Provincial Epidemiology and Surveillance, Health Education and Promotion and the Environmental Health Cluster to prioritize and begin the province’s response to COVID-19 in relation to the Executive Order issued by the Governor. A Task Force NCOV was created to prevent and/or minimize the entry of persons from China and its administrative territories of Hongkong and Macau and all suspected persons or confirmed patients with NCoV in Marinduque.
PHO created its Official Facebook Page and COVID-19 Hotline as a means to provide information about COVID-19. DOH-approved IEC materials were also reproduced and distributed to the Municipal Health Offices and health facilities to provide reliable source of information about the 2019 Coronavirus Disease and the activities being done to protect the province against the virus, to address misinformation and miscommunications and to prevent the spread of false news that could cause fear and panic in the communities. The Provincial Health Office also strengthened coordination with media partners and initiated its first tri-media program in our local media channel for the PHO’s program updates especially on the COVID-19 status of the province for a wider information dissemination and health promotion. Conduct series of misting operations was also implemented in the entire province throughout the year. The governor initiated the distribution of facemasks pursuant to the Department of Interior and Local Government of Memorandum Circular No. 2020-071 dated 9 April 2020 “Subject: Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks or other Protective Equipment in Public Areas”, in compliance with IATF Resolution No. 18, dated 1 April 2020, enjoining Local Government Units to strictly implement mandatory wearing of face masks by all residents in public places.

Immunization Program
A total of 2, 795 children were fully immunized this year. 17,267 received the MR Vaccine which is 99.27% of the eligible population while 19, 793 individuals vaccinated by OPV which is 100% of the eligible population.

Blood Donation Program
Annual Blood Collection data shows a total of 17 Mobile Blood Donation were scheduled for the year and a total of 458 units of blood were collected.

Mental Health Program
924 patients with mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders were reported and recorded as of September 2020, a total of 399 patients; 197 males, 202 females, received mental health medicines.

Oral Health Program
During the 16th National Oral Health month celebration, the Provincial Government thru the PHO in partnership with Philippine Dental Association Marinduque Chapter conducted DENTAL CARE on WHEELS and health services in 7 barangays and public and private schools. Despite the pandemic the health office utilized the Telephone/Web consultations and E-prescriptions. An estimated of 5000 adults, children and senior citizens had availed of the services.
Hospital Management and Health Services

OPD Consultation and Immunization CY 2020

The Out-patient immunization, services includes BCG & Hepa B with 1915 patients, family planning with 62 patients and the animal bites recorded 1,343 patients. Anti-rabies vaccine was given 4 doses each patient.

Comparative Surgical Operations performed for Cy’s 2018-2020

Emergency surgical operation and procedures as well as OB cases scheduled simultaneously with surgical case are given priority. COVID suspected patients have separate ward to prevent the spread of virus.

Comparative Outcome of Treatment Cy’s 2018-2020

MPH Special Health Program
One of the trusts of the Provincial Government is to give utmost importance to the health of the Marinduqueños, the PGM special health programs includes:
• Telemedicine renamed as Marinduque Child Development Center as a means of medical consultation of which diagnosis, treatment/management and better understanding of the child’s disability were made available to the under privilege families of children with disability. Due to recent COVID19 crisis, Telemedicine Consultation was suspended. Thus decline in the number of clients consulted was evident. In preparation for the resumption of telemedicine consultation in 2021, Telemedicine/ Rehabilitation Section prepared the room that would allow to practice the minimum standard health protocol recommended by DOH during telemedicine consultation.

• Adult Physical Therapy


Torrijos Municipal Hospital
Torrijos Municipal Hospital is a licensed INFIRMARY with Authorized Bed Capacity of 10 beds and a Philhealth Accredited health facility. It is located at Rizal Street, Poblacion Torrijos, Marinduque.

The occupancy rate was 34.25% with an average in-patient per day of 3. There were 572 patients admitted excluding newborn. Out of those admissions, 495 improved or recovered. There were 229 newborns and total discharges including death of 574 patients. There were 30 patients transferred to other health facility, 11 patient went home against medical advice and 29 deaths ( 26 deaths – less 48 hours, 3 deaths beyond 48 hours)

According to the statistical data of the hospital, urinary tract infection, hypertension, musculoskeletal disorder, acute respiratory infections, osteoarthritis, community-acquired pneumonia, gastritis, diabetes mellitus, CCD and Bronchitis are ten leading cause of consultation.

The Health Facility was able to purchase medical equipment funded under the 20% CDF CY 2020. There were equipment donated by the Health Facility Enhancement Program of the Department of Health. In addition, it is undergoing renovation funded by the Health Facility Enhancement Program of the Department of Health. In the 1st quarter of 2020, the Administration Office, Laboratory and Pharmacy transferred back to their respective areas. The Office of the Chief of Hospital and Nursing Service, Medical Records and Doctor’s Room transferred to their designated areas as per approved floor plan.

Sta. Cruz Municipal Hospital
Sta. Cruz Hospital is a licensed SECONDARY Hospital with Authorized Bed Capacity of 17 beds and a Philhealth Accredited health facility located at Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

The occupancy rate was 78.35% with an average in-patient per day of 13. There were 2,453 patients admitted including newborn. Out of those admissions, 1,517 improved or recovered. There were 564 newborns and total discharges including death of 1,893 patients. There were 127 patients transferred to other health facility, and 87 deaths under 40 hours from admission

According to the statistical data of the hospital, the first three leading cause of death of patients is due to cerebrovascular Accident Hge/HPN, Pneumonia and Acute Myocardial Infarction. The three leading cause of consultation among patients are: Prenatal, Urinary tract infection and Hypertension.

Peace and Order Situation
Considered as the second most peaceful and orderly province next to Batanes, the province of Marinduque was also declared being the 3rd province nationwide to be an Insurgency Free thru the MOA signing between Marinduque PPOC the 2nd Infantry Division, PA.

The Marinduque Provincial Police Office (MPPO) led by PCOL Wilson A Santos have persistent in maintaining the Peace and Order situation in the Province. Thus, from January-December 2020, the Crime Clearance Efficiency was at 100% while the Crime Solution Efficiency was at 83.58%.

With regards to the team efforts on Internal Security Operations, the activation of Marinduque Task Force ELCAC as per Joint PDC-PPOC Resolution No. 2019-02 dated September 27, 2019 and the activation of the Municipal Task Force ELCACs as per Joint MDC-MPOC dated October 2019. Consequently, with constant monitoring and follow-ups, the 218 barangays and the Provincial Government of Marinduque were able to declare the members of the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs) as Persona Non-Grata in the entire province of Marinduque

February 26, 2020 with the momentous Signing and Awarding of the Certificate of Drug Cleared Province to Marinduque with its Lone District Representative, Hon. Lord Allan Jay Q. Velasco as Guest of Honor and Speaker. It was also graced with the presence of Hon. Presbitero J. Velasco Jr, Governor and members of the Regional Oversight Committee chaired by RD PDEA, Sangguniang Panlalawigan members, Municipal Mayors and Vice Mayors, Sangguniang Bayan members, and the Barangay Captains of the province.

Although the province was declared Drug-Cleared, to maintain the coveted status, various operations, intel monitoring, and police-community relations activities were still conducted. Thus, a total of six operations were conducted resulting to 14 persons arrested from January-December 2020 in relation to the campaign against illegal drugs. In addition, MPPO is one of the busiest agency during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Annual Operational Accomplishment from January to December 2020

Accomplishment on Professional Investigating Programs (PIPs) from January to December 2020

Jail Management

Number of Detention Prisoners Confined in the Provincial Jail Per Month Per Case

On December 6, 2020 Marinduque Provincial Jail was adjudged as one of the TOP 10 BEST MANAGED PROVINCIAL JAILS in the Philippines for the year 2020 and Marinduque Provincial Warden, RONALDO L. TOGONON was adjudged as one of the TOP 10 MOST OUTSTANDING PROVINCIAL JAIL EMPLOYEES of the Philippines, 2020.