During the second and third quarter of 2011, to provide interventions to farmers, to solo parents, and other groups who need assistance during the pandemic, the Provincial Government of Marinduque, through the Provincial Veterinary Office, engaged in several projects. Additional funding was allocated for the Livestock Development-Infusion of Breeder Animals Project for dispersal of goats, native pig and native chicken. This project also includes the distribution of cattle, carabaos and horses.

Beneficiaries included 99 members of Masalukot Handicraft Weavers Association, Bangwayin Farmer Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Malbog Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Binunga Farmworkers Association.

100 farmer-beneficiaries from Maranlig, Cabuyo, Bonliw and Malinao were also served as well as 248 members of Guardians province-wide. Between May and June 2021, a total of 496 native pigs were dispersed to 447 beneficiaries.

In July, a total number of 348 goats were dispersed to 169 beneficiaries, and 2,571 chickens to 514 beneficiaries province-wide. Also in the same month, 90 solo parents who experience difficulty standing alone and who have requested for assistance to help increase their existing income were given animals to be raised – 25 goats, 20 carabaos, 20 cattle and 25 horses.

More breeder animals such as cattle, carabaos and goats are set to be dispersed to other qualified beneficiaries.

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