Real Property Tax
Data Source: PTO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020

Comparative values of Taxable Properties for CY 2020 and 2019                     

Data Source: PASSO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020
Data Source: PTO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020

The Provincial Government thru the Accounting Office availed of the 5 – year transitional provision for the recognition of Tax Revenue- Real Property and Special Education Tax. For the first year, there will be no change in policy for the recognition of the aforementioned tax revenue.

Revenue Generation
Data Source: PTO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020
Data Source: PTO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020
General Revision on Assessment
Human Resource Management
Data Source: HRMO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020
Special Projects Coordination and Plan Preparations

Guided by the Development Vision and Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) 2019-2022, PPDO ‘s significant role as the planning arm is the ability to coordinate with regional and national agencies, comply and prepare necessary documents for medium term and long term development plans. In 2020 PPDO facilitated the series of planning sessions and workshops in preparation for the 2021 and onwards development goals of the Provincial Government.

Preparations of Provincial Plans and Programs (AIP, PDIP, 20% DF, GPB)
Series of Sectoral Planning was conducted on April 29 to June 2020. PPDO’s task is to consolidate the plans submitted by PGM Offices for adoption and approval by the SP. Sectoral Planning was participated by the department heads of the provincial government, concerned CSOs and representatives from the 6 MLGUs of the province. After a successful planning workshops, AIP and GPB was presented per development sector to the Execom and Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Preparation of Awards and Incentives
From January to June 2020, a total of 72 individuals composed of students and coaches were given incentives amounting to P271, 000.00 on their representation and for bringing honor to the province by taking home the bacon in the field of journalism, sports, and science. Awards and Incentives dropped this year because of pandemic

Full Disclosure Policy (FDP) Posting
In compliance to the DILG Memorandum Circular of 2013-140 on Implementing Guidelines on the Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finance, and Bids and Public Officering, PPDO posted the following documents: a) posting of 12 annual reports and 36 quarterly documents for CY 2020. Documents posted are: Annual Budget, Statement of Debt and Services, Annual Procurement Plan, Statement of Recipient and Expenditures, Annual Gender and Development, Accomplishment Report, 20% Component of IRA Utilization, Bids Results on Civil Works, Goods and Consultancy Services, Manpower Complement, SEF Utilization, Trust Fund Utilization, LDRRF Utilization, Statement of CashFlows, Unliquidated Cash Advances and Supplemental Procurement Plan, The diligent compliance resulted in recognition as the recipient of Seal of Financial Good Housekeeping.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Infrastructure Projects Funded by DBP, KALSADA-CMGP, 20% CDF and PRDP
The PPDO was also tasked to monitor and evaluate Provincial Government Infrastructure Projects, this year a total of 68 projects were monitored and evaluate by the M & E division of PPDO.

Gender and Development Summit 2020
1st Provincial GAD Summit was conducted on March 4 & 5, 2020. The 2-day Summit was actively participated by 623 (M:249; F:374) multi-sectoral individuals consist of the Provincial GAD Focal Point System Members/Provincial Government Officials and Employees; Municipal GAD Focal Point System from the six
MLGUs; National Government Agency Representatives; Student Leaders and Advisers; Barangay Officials (2 representatives per Barangay); SK Federation Officers; Youth Development Officers; Civil Society Organization Representatives; and Program Beneficiaries. The Provincial GAD Focal Point System – TWG serves as the lead team from program planning, coordination, invitation, registration of participants, and the program flow in general.
Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)


As of December 2020



Source: PPDO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020

PDC Endorsed Projects to the RDC-MIMAROPA

The Provincial Government were endorsed and presented the following projects, together with LGUs as proponents, the priority PPAs to the RDC for possible funding and implementation by the concerned agency/s by 2021 to 2022. 

Source: PPDO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020

Other PDC Endorsed Priority Projects to RDC with LGUs as Proponent CY 2020 (approved during the 72nd RDC Full Council Meeting)

Source: PPDO Annual Accomplishment Report 2020