The Department of Labor and Employment, together with LMD PESO, launched its Government Internship Program today with 236 youth workers from all over the island in attendance. The Government Internship Program aims to provide opportunities and engage young workers to serve the general public in government agencies/entities, projects, and programs. It provides young workers, particularly the poor and indigent, the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills in public service with the ultimate objective of attracting the best and the brightest who want to pursue a career in government service.

DOLE Provincial Director Peter James Cortazar welcomed the youth interns and advised them to be diligent in their undertaking and to always think that government service is working for the welfare of the public. “As public servants, we should promote exemplary performance in our work as we follow sound policies in governance.”, he said further.

The project was launched thru the Office of The Congressman, Speaker Lord Allan Velasco, with a P10 Million fund allocation and will run from May 4 to November 8, 2022.

Governor Presbitero Velasco, in his message, highlighted the youth’s role in nation-building, and reiterated his commitment to increasing the work available in the province by creating jobs through increasing the focus on the growth of the tourism sector and fast-tracking the  Marinduque Economic Zone in both District 1 and 2.

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