The Citizen’s Charter is one of the primary tools that government agencies use to communicate their service standards on the delivery of government service s to their citizens or clients. The Marinduque Provincial Government, in compliance to paragraph of Memorandum Circular No. 2019-002, or the Guidelines in the Implementation of the Citizen’s Charter in compliance with Republic Act 11032, otherwise known as the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018” and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, has crafted a Citizen’ Charter in order to fast track government transactions, projects and programs to streamline and improve government service delivery.

Republic Act No. 11032 has completely amended Republic Act No. 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 in pursuit of the government’s thrust of creating a comfortable life for every Filipino through the elimination of red tape and corruption in the government beginning with expediting government transactions with simple processes pegged to be done in three (3) days or less. Every agency is mandated to create a Citizen’s Charter that shall contain all of the government services that government agencies offer to ensure the efficient, transparent and accountable delivery or government service.

The Citizen’s Charter of the Marinduque Provincial Government is the official document that will communicate, in simple terms, the service standards or pledge of its officials and employees on the government services being provided to its citizens. Other than communicating the service standards of the office, the Citizen’s Charter shall also serve as basis for establishing liability of all erring provincial government officials and employees involved in unnecessary red tape and corruption. It will also be the basis in giving and promoting incentives and rewards as form of acknowledgement for compliant government agencies that have shown exemplary services and best practices.

The Citizen’s Charter of the Marinduque Provincial Government aims to make our citizens well conversant on the general systems and procedures of the different frontline offices of the provincial government. The Citizen’s Charter clearly defines the (a) client steps, (b) agency action, (c) fees to be paid, (d) processing time allowed and, (e) person responsible for each service in order to guide the general public on how to access the services they need. It is with this intention that the citizenry will be enlightened on how to avail the services they need and have it done within the prescribed period. Likewise the Citizen’s Charter also provides a effective Feedback and Redress Mechanism to address public grievance without prejudice to their religion, affiliation, caste and creed.

The administration hope and trust that the Citizen’s Charter will go a long way to help the citizens of this province and at the same time promote efficiency and accountability among officials and employees of the Marinduque Provincial Government.


2022 Citizen’s Charter of PGM

Certificate of Compliance